L'Asie en Vogue

The Galerie Pagoda Paris' inaugural exhibition "L’Asie en Vogue" will present a major exhibition of contemporary Asian artwork and antiquities surrounding the theme of textiles and costumes. Using a variety of media and artistic techniques, eight Asian artist will present works of art that explore the role that fashion plays in popular culture and in the aesthetic life of individuals in Asia and beyond.

Participating artists include: Li Xiaofeng (1965, China) whose recycled ceramic shards are reworked into sculptural couture; Peng Wei (1974, China), whose traditional Chinese literati paintings are expressions of femininity related to dress and personal adornment; Man Fung Yi (1968, Hong Kong), whose "woven fashion sentiments" are sculptures knitted with metal threads of stainless steel and brass; Kimiko Yoshida (1963, Japan; lives and works in Paris), who takes evocative non-self portrait photographs while wearing elaborate costumes; Ran Hwang (1960, Korea; lives and works in New York and Seoul), whose intricate and multidimensional installations are formed from layers of buttons; Jagannath Panda (1970, India), whose oil painting and textile collages on canvas serve as both memory and mirror to the contradictory realities of modern India; Lavanya Mani (1977, India), who draws upon traditional fabric dyeing techniques to create modern textile works that both break with tradition and explore the history of civilization; and Chan Dany (1984, Cambodia), whose pencil shaving tapestries are modern interpretations of Khmer aesthetic forms. With a keen awareness of texture, composition, detail, and craftsmanship, these artists create and re-purpose materials to form their own visual identity.

Exhibition curated by Tiffany Wai-Ying Beres
From October 12 until the December 21, 2012