Events, exhibitions, art auctions

Today, almost 100 Years after its inauguration, the PAGODA PARIS is experiencing a renaissance. Brought back to its old glory, the PAGODA PARIS is now an international meeting point for cultural exchange, strategic communication and a vibrant link between the eastern and the western world.

With its fantastic interiors of 17th and 18th century Chinese wood panelling, architectural features and Asian details that have been preserved , protected and brought back to life the PAGODA PARIS serves as the perfect location and presentation backdrop for events and exchange of global ideas.

International brands and business people, as well as art dealers use the PAGODA PARIS as an ideal platform for communication and strategic positioning.

Due to its sophisticated and global appeal, the PAGODA PARIS is the perfect stage to host cocktail receptions, private dinners, conferences as well as photo and fashion shoots

The perfect link between East and West.