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Jacqueline von Hammerstein-Loxten, «l'aristo» chinoise
Nov 21 2013 - -

PORTRAIT - Cette pétillante quadragénaire est à l'origine de la renaissance, à Paris, de la Pagode de C.
T. Loo, le pionnier des marchands d'art asiatique.

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Feb 8 2013 - -

Le Rocher de Monaco
honore linstitut de France

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Medaille d'honneur pour La baronne Jacqueline von Hammerstein-Loxten
Dec 10 2012 - -

Renovation et restauration de la Pagoda Paris

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Jan 1 2013 - -

Lifting de La Pagoda Paris

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Jan 8 2013 - -

Vernissage / Reopening of Pagoda Paris

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The Pagoda Paris
Dec 6 2012 - -

Where in Paris

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Un jour de plus a Paris
Jan 8 2013 - -

La Maison de Mr. Loo

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Des Racines et des Ailes
Dec 5 2012 - -

Des Racines et des Ailes / Pagoda Paris

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The Pagoda Paris: A monument to Asian art in Europe
Oct 23 2012 - - Asian Art

SITUATED IN THE famous 8th arrondissement, adjacent to the Parc Monceau, sits one of Paris’ most striking architectural treasures, the Pagoda. With its crimson red exterior, jade-green roof tiles capped with Chinese gargoyles, and its latticework windows in imperial yellow, the building stands as an exclamation mark among the rows of grey and white Haussman-style buildings. When I first arrived on its doorstep in August 2011, the gate was locked and it appeared unoccupied, possibly even abandoned. But today, after extensive renovations and planning, the gates are open and the building is alive again with the art and culture of Asia.

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巴黎街头的艺术彤阁 | Art-Paris Pagoda – Vogue Art
Oct 14 2012 - - Vogue Art

传奇古董商卢芹斋(Loo Ching-Tsai)于上世纪在巴黎街头建造
Beres(庞惠英)带来首展 “L’Asie en Vogue”,其中,《Vogue
撰文:M a r k G r a h a m I 编辑:张静M i a Z h a n g

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«L'Asie en vogue » à Pagoda Paris
Oct 14 2012 - - Le Figaro et Vous

EXPOSITION L'une des plus anciennes galleries d'art asiatique de la capitale réunit une série d'oeuvres uniques sur le thème de la mode. L'ASIE EN VOGUE ou PAGODA PARIS - ASIE EN VOGUE: exposition du 11/10 à fin décembre 2012 à la Pagode Rouge ou Galerie CT LOO ou Pagoda Paris à Paris 8ème, toutes citations.

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Notes From the Dealer C. T. Loo, and Pens of a Certain Age

A Chinese Dealer, Trafficker in Mystery
By EVE M. KAHN | Published: September 6, 2012

The Chinese art dealer C. T. Loo held court at his galleries in Paris, New Y ork, Shanghai and Beijing. From the 1910s through the 1940s, he spoke mysteriously of his “friends” who could acquire artifacts in the countryside, while he angled spotlights on stone Buddha heads and opalescent jade bowls for sale.

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